The End of 2011

saya akan merindui SEMUA KENANGAN 2011 even yang pahit. :'| i miss my friends, teachers, juniors, School, Era Tinta Tuition Centre, memories and yeahh EVERYTHING. :'(
THANK YOU for everything guys and yeah ofcourse SORRY for everything that i've done. :|

hey 2011,
I want to be your favourite HELLO and your hardest GOODBYE :'( I don't want to separate with you, seriously. :'/

"never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting"

i'll remember you always 2011. Don't worry :') TAKE CARE. I Love You, 2011 :') I'll miss you.

lagu ni selalu saya nyanyi di 5 science 2. When I start to sing this song, syera will ask me, "can you sing another song, please ? haha. :'D miss you girl :') 5 science 2, ILOVEYOU *crying*