The Truth


i'm useless, hurt, depressed, sad, misunderstood, dying inside, confused, judged, tired, never good enough, broken , FINE

Sad Fact

You know someone.
You two get close.
Care each other, love.
It's all great for a while.
Then, something happen.
Someone stop trying.
Talk less. Awkward conversations.
The drifting.
No communication whatsoever.
Memories start to fade.
Then the person you know, 
becomes the person you KNEW.
That's how it usually goes, right?
Sad isn't it ?

psst, i miss you

10 July 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sayangggg :*
I may not be by your side celebrating your special day with you :( i'm so sorry, but i want you to know that i'm thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful Birthday here ! May ALL your birthday wishes come true baby :* You are one in a million :) I LOVE YOU, Nur Nashrah Bt Selamat. :) Thank You for being my lil sis. Please take care yayangg :) 23 december 

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak.

Semoga masih diberikan kesempatan untuk menghabiskan sebulan Ramadhan kali ini, insya-Allah. Alhamdulillah, Thanks to All the Mighty Allah because gave me a chance to celebrated Ramadhan besides my beloved family. Have a great ramadhan guys! Here the tips for ramadhan, baca 4 helai Al-Quran before and after solat sepanjang ramadhan, then anda akan khatam, insyaAllah. :) Ramadhan teach us to be patience on everythings.

10 yang pertama adalah kerahmatan
10 yang pertengahan adalah kemaafan
10 yang terakhir adalah pelepasan daripada azab api neraka

DEMC (Darul Ehsan Medical Centre), Shah Alam.

Hello, Assalammualaikum. It's already 12.26am, 7 July 2013 and i'm bored. Malam ni kena jaga my lil sis, pai dekat hosp. Dia kena tahan dah 4 hari masuk harini. Hopefully, she will get well soon. insya-Allah, Amin..

Stay strong, i'll support you baby. please take care yourself. Kak yaa sayang pai tau :*

Happy Friendship Day (page 3) :*

Dear S22T1P1 :'D
Thank you, for all the things, that means so much to me, for concern and understanding, Thanks for the friendly smile, that brightens up my day, thanks for the kindness in the little things you do, thanks for being a friends and just for being you. I'm so thankful to have you guys in my life. You are my friends forever, thank you for making me laugh when i'd almost forgotten how to. Thanks for always listening to me, supporting me, teach me in every subject, and encouraging me. You guys are true friends and i want you to know how much i love and appreciate you. You're the best ! i'm glad we're friends :) thank you for being my friends. 

10 months, so many memories that we had, belajar sama-sama dalam class and DK3, buat bising sampai tak ingt dunia, kena denda masuk lambat dalam kuliah and kena nyanyi lagu kolej and Negaraku, lunch sama every friday, buat KUMBE together, class malam En Zamri even ramai yg tak datang, Kena marah dngn cikgu and pergi minta maaf sama-sama, buat experiment and report together, buat mind map for chemistry together and dpt num 3, naik unit jumpa lecturer together, berlatih senamrobik together setiap ptg sampai ke final, pergi picnic together, smbut birthday sama-sama, ambil UPS1, UPS2, PSPM1, PSPM2 together even ada yg lain-lain kelas, but still pada masa yg sama. almost single things we did together. IMISSYOU guys :( so much. Please take care and jangan ada yg lupa each others, really hope for that. Love ya ! Happy Friendship Day ;*