Happy Friendship Day (page 3) :*

Dear S22T1P1 :'D
Thank you, for all the things, that means so much to me, for concern and understanding, Thanks for the friendly smile, that brightens up my day, thanks for the kindness in the little things you do, thanks for being a friends and just for being you. I'm so thankful to have you guys in my life. You are my friends forever, thank you for making me laugh when i'd almost forgotten how to. Thanks for always listening to me, supporting me, teach me in every subject, and encouraging me. You guys are true friends and i want you to know how much i love and appreciate you. You're the best ! i'm glad we're friends :) thank you for being my friends. 

10 months, so many memories that we had, belajar sama-sama dalam class and DK3, buat bising sampai tak ingt dunia, kena denda masuk lambat dalam kuliah and kena nyanyi lagu kolej and Negaraku, lunch sama every friday, buat KUMBE together, class malam En Zamri even ramai yg tak datang, Kena marah dngn cikgu and pergi minta maaf sama-sama, buat experiment and report together, buat mind map for chemistry together and dpt num 3, naik unit jumpa lecturer together, berlatih senamrobik together setiap ptg sampai ke final, pergi picnic together, smbut birthday sama-sama, ambil UPS1, UPS2, PSPM1, PSPM2 together even ada yg lain-lain kelas, but still pada masa yg sama. almost single things we did together. IMISSYOU guys :( so much. Please take care and jangan ada yg lupa each others, really hope for that. Love ya ! Happy Friendship Day ;*

Happy Friendship Day :* (page 2)

Dear B3.3 Wing B :)
When we first talked to each other, I knew we would always be friends. Our friendship has kept growing and i'll be here for you guys to the end. You listen when i have a problem and help dry the tears from my face. You take away my sadness, and put happiness in its place. We can't forget the fun we've had. Laughing until our faces turn red. Talking of things only we find funny. I guess this is my way of saying thanks for catching me when i fall. Thanks once again for being such a good friend, sister, mother for me :') and always be there when i need you ;* after this, i'll met a new friends, but always remember that i will never ever will forget our memories together. You will always be part of my life and you will never leave it. Don't think that just because i have new friends, it means that they will replace you or i won't have time for you anymore. IT'S NEVER GOING HAPPEN. Too many memories along 10 months together, always guide each other, cared like sister, adviced like mother, protected like father, 10.30pm Al-Mulk together, did birthday prank ! thank you for everything girls :* Hopefully you guys won't forget our memories :') Love ya !

I DON'T WANT US TO BE A STRANGERS, I WANT US TO BE ONE FAMILY, always cared each other no matter what :)

psstt, please remember our song  :*

Happy Friendship Day :* (page 1)

Dear roommate :*
You're weird, You're NOT perfect, You're mean towards me, You're cheated me sometimes, Bullying me EVERYDAY. But, That's okay. I'm like that, too. We laugh at the randomest things. You know my weakness already, but please don't tell anyone. Even though we disagree sometimes, we never fight. When i'm sad, you were always there to make sure I'm okay. Thanks for being there for me :') friend who always believed in me, who always understood, who always accepted me, always cared ! In a very short time we have become very good friends, always cared for each other. I shared a great moments with you, 10 months. Yes ! Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of my life. We're not together anymore, but i'll be there when you need me, I promise ! :) ILOVEYOU babe :* Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day :) please TAKE CARE ! I DO  MISS YOU SO MUCH :'( Terima kasih ya Allah, kerana pertemukan aku dengan mereka :')

you won't forget our laughs, our jokes, our smiles, our conversations, our plans, our tears, our memories, our experiences, and our FRIENDSHIP ! B3.3.7 KMM 2012/2013 :*

Hello readers ;)

Hey guys ! seriously lama tak update this blog, berabuk sarang labah labah dah. Now baru free nak update balik, maybe because tak buat apa now. I mean, i just graduated from Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka :) yeayyy ! and now tengah tunggu result UPU. Hope i'll get the best course :) insya-Allah, amin..

16 JUNE 2013, Al-Fatihah to Izzat Ahmad, ex-KMM student. he's from praktikum S11T5. Everyone terkejut dngn this bad news yesterday. Allah dah tentukan ajal maut kita kan, so what i can do is, pray pray pray and always pray for him, insya-Allah. Takziah from me to his family.