I remember...

I remember... The first text you sent to me,
I remember...How the first time we met,
I remember.. Your voice, 
I remember... Your laugh,
I remember.. Your face,
I remember.. The way you smile at me,
I remember...The way you glanced at me,
I remember...The way you angry at me,
I remember...The way you cared for me,
I remember... All the things that we shared, 
I remember..How you always make my days,
I remember..How you used to cheer me up,
I remember...The promise we made, just you and I,
I remember... All the laughter we shared, all the wishes we made,
I remember... The way you read your books, 
I remember....The way you tied your shoes, 
I remember.....The cake you loved the most, 
I remember... How my life changed,
I remember...Every word you said to me,
I remember.. All the hopes and everything I gave up,
I remember..The last text you sent to me,
I remember...All the tears I cried,
I remember..Feeling worthless,
I remember....Waiting by my phone for a text that never came, 
I remember...Each things that made me smile,
I remember..Each things made me cry,

I remember a lot about us, Those memories are faded now but I won't forget the memories YOU and I, NEVER